Personalised Assessment

Each of us comes in different shapes and sizes. So the first step to pursuing a unique learning path, is to recognise where we uniquely stand.

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Personalised learning

Once you have identified where you stand, and what your unique strengths or weaknesses are, you can choose the most appropriate content that fits your needs and preferences.

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Skill enhancement

Learning is not restricted to the subjects that are taught in schools, but should include all those skills that we need to succeed in life.

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What does WeThink offer?

“How much will it cost me to build a bridge from our house to grandma’s house?” (300kms away)

“Why do people not have tails?”

“How can I create fizz in my water bottle, like how Coke cans have?”

Have we not encountered how children have varied areas of interest and strengths? But our one-size-fits-all classrooms demand that we all follow the same learning path. WeThink believes that it is possible to achieve similar learning outcomes given the constraints of a large curriculum, if each student would be allowed to harness their respective strengths and grow at their pace. Our products seek to enable each student to identify their strengths and build their learning path. Once learning becomes second-nature, it transforms into a joyful experience.

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